Renal Unit Thorsten Bargemann,
Dr. med. Wolfgang Baar, Christoph Krüger

Sedanstraße 16 a · 24116 Kiel
Telefon (0431) 570 91-0 · Fax (0431) 570 91-15

The favourable location of our NC Nephrologic Centre provides easy access by public transport, and we also provide 36 private parking facilities adjacent to our practice. The entrance to our building is barrier-free and wheelchair accessible.
On the following internet pages you will find more detailed information on our centre.

Opening Hours:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Night-Dialysis from 9:00 p.m. to 06:00 a.m.
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

NC Nephrologisches Centrum Sedanstraße 16 a 24116 Kiel Telefon (0431) 570 91-0

Arrival by public transport

There is a comfortable access to our centre using the local public transport. You can easily take buses No. 34, 100 or 101 from the central station and get off at the stop Dehnckestraße (please see site map).

Arrival by car

You will find 36 private parking spaces including some exclusively for the use of handicapped persons. Please leave the national highway at the exit Kronshagen Süd (B 76) and within a distance of only 500 m you will reach our centre (please see site map).


Plan your arrival by using the following route planner. In order to mark your position, please click the word "größere Kartenansicht (i. e. more detailed site map) written in blue.
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...encircled by North Sea and Baltic Sea. The city of Kiel on the Baltic Sea with beautiful surroundings has been a popular holiday destination for a very long time also for patients requiring dialysis and not only during the famous Kieler Woche , the biggest sailing and summer festival in northern Europe.

Our Nephrologic Centre offers numerous advantages to patients on holiday:

We would be pleased to welcome and look after you during your stay.

  • accessible by public transport

  • 36 private parking spaces available

  • the dialysis unit is situated at ground level offering a barrier-free entrance to our building

  • our treatment rooms are generously laid out in a modern and light style

  • and last and most importantly, you will be looked after by our competent and friendly staff

Dear patient,

in order to be efficiently prepared for your visit we would like to ask you to provide the following papers:

1. Completed registration form (you will find the download version on this page)
2. Medical report including a dialysis regime
3. Current Hepatitis B and C Serotest not older than 4 weeks
4. HIV Screening Test not older than 4 weeks
5. MRSA Screening Test from the nose, throat and wounds not older than 4 weeks.

Please bring your letter of referral and your health insurance card on the first day of your dialysis.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us:
Telephone number 0049 431 570 91-0. Our head nurses Dorit Arpe and Anja Bauer as well as all other staff members will be pleased to assist you.

Capacity and Range of Services

The dialysis unit of our Nephrologic Centre is situated on ground level offering a barrier-free entrance, and we are proud to say it is one of the most modern centres in the north of Germany. Additionally we provide walkers free of charge within our building for our patients with walking impairment.

We treat adolescents at the age of 14 years and above. We do not treat children in our Nephrologic Centre, but we can help you to contact those centers.

Our centre is equipped with 34 units on more than 550 square metres. We offer both seated and lying positions in our most comfortable, electronically adjustable dialysis beds.

The treatment is carried out in our generously designed, quiet rooms with 1 up to maximal 6 beds. All rooms are light-flooded and furnished in light colours. They are equipped with cable TV and internet access. In addition we offer wireless telephones to ensure your personal access during your treatment.

Patients are offered breakfast, and a hot meal for lunch or dinner, including coffee / tea or soft drinks. Our staff will gladly serve you and assist you in making your choice.


The regular hygiene standards are surpassed by our policy, for example:

  • Apart from our wheelchair accessible WC, there are additional toilets available in our locker room.

  • We provide an isolation ward including a personnel air lock and separate toilet if required (e. g. in case of diarrhoea).

  • A separate room is exclusively used as a treatment room (e. g. for bandages).

  • The treatment of infectious hepatitis B and / or hepatitis C patients is carried out in a separate, isolated wing of our centre.

  • Our nurse Birte Carlson is constantly monitoring the hygiene standards in her capacity as Hygiene Representative.

Safety Standards, we take your safety seriously.

There is always a doctor available during our opening hours, and he will be at your bedside within approximately 60 seconds in case of emergency. Furthermore, we ensure that there is a doctor on call for 24 hours permanently.

Five minutes from our Centre there is an emergency physician as well as the main fire station of the City of Kiel. Our building is equipped with a complex fire alarm system and directly connected to the fire station.

In case further treatment is needed, we ensure a quick and safe transfer of the patient to the intensive care or to the dialysis station of the community hospital or the university hospital.

Technical Equipment

Our technical equipment (reverse osmosis) for the production of permeate is one of the most modern of its kind. The cleaning of the reverse osmosis is carried out fully automatic applying hot water cleaning within the scope of quality assurance (QA). The water quality is tested by independent institutes on a regular basis confirmed in writing.

Your treatment is solely executed as online bicarbonate dialysis using high quality biocompatible synthetic low and high flux capillaries using the most modern 5008 online Fresenius dialysis units thus ensuring a high compatibility.

We apply different methods such as haemodialysis, haemofiltration and haemodiafiltration. The treatment can either be executed by using one needle (single needle / single lumen catheter) or by applying the standard method using two needles.

Peritoneal Dialysis

We have been executing the peritoneal dialysis for many years in our centre and have been using dialysis units of Fresenius as well as Baxter. We especially attached great importance to ensure a very high standard in applying a wide scope of peritoneal dialysis (CAPD, APD / CCPD, IPD) in order to offer the best medical care to our patients.

Range of Services

  • 34 Dialysis Units

  • Most modern water treatment applying reverse osmosis with pure hot water cleaning

  • Most modern 5008 online Fresenius dialysis units applying online bicarbonate production

  • HD (Haemodialysis)

  • HF (Haemofiltration)

  • HDF (Haemodiafiltration)

  • High Flux Dialysis

  • Bicarbonate Dialysis

  • Single Needle Dialysis

  • Hbs-AG pos dialysis units

  • Hep-C pos dialysis units

  • Dialysis for adolescents 14 years and above

  • PD (Peritoneal dialysis)

  • Training centre for home dialysis

  • Transplantation support

  • Nutrition Consultation

  • Doctor present

  • Doctor on call

  • Nursing staff on call

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